Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I don't know if I ever mentioned it before but I don't have a mechanical mind.  I can't figure out how to change the batteries in the remote control but this past weekend I made a slightly impulsive purchase.  I purchased two atomic clocks, one as a gift and the other for myself.  These aren't just atomic, they are projection clocks that project the time and outdoor temperature on the ceiling. I'm not sure why I thought it would be great to look up at my ceiling and get all this information since the only time I look at the ceiling I usually discover cobwebs and that leads to a whole other train of thought but anyway....it seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase.

Well, the first night I tried setting the clock I soon discovered that there were some pre-requisite college courses required before I'd have sufficient knowledge to set the clock.  I needed physics 1 and 2 and a minor in geography just to get the time zone set.  But after an hour of checking maps online I finally felt somewhat confident that I had the clock and alarm set but just in case I kept my trust analog clock plugged in as well.  

I went to bed and looked up...and just as promised, in a dim red light, there on my ceiling, was the time and 5 secs. later the outside temperature.  Yep, it matched the time on my trusty old analog clock as well.  

I fought the temptation to look at the ceiling for most of the night and finally drifted off to sleep.  About 3 hours later I awoke to find myself in a new time zone some 10 hours later than the rest of the house.  I have no idea how this time travel occurred but if I don't get it figured out I will have to renew by passport just to go to the bathroom!


marciamayo said...

Dani, Dani, two stories in one day. What a treat!

I have an atomic clock at school and I've had the same thing happen with having it do wacky stuff. Just try answering 22 second-graders questions when that happens. And the funny thing is that, although an old fashioned clock is right next to the atomic clock, they are clueless as to the time when the atomic clock isn't working. As we get close to testing time each spring, I have to hide the atomic clock so they will take seriously the need to learn how to tell time the old fashioned way. They are purely pitiful, begging for the "real" clock back.

Olga said...

I can relate to the lack of mechanical ability--love how you expressed that!
I would not be able to see the time projected on the ceiling without rummaging around for my glasses. I don't want to wake up that much in the night.

Arkansas Patti said...

How funny.
I was given one as a housewarming gift when I moved here. Mine was relatively simple.
I love it as I do wake up in the night for migration purposes(to the bathroom) and like to know the time. At least I can read the 18 inch numbers on the ceiling.

kenju said...

SO funny!! I have a clock that you don't have to set the time on; it has its own GPS system and sets itself according to the satellites in space. I'm still trying to figure out why it is 2 minutes earlier than my cell phone clock (which also runs by satellite).