Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top of the Mornin to Ya!

This is how I feel today!  I forgot it was Saint Patrick's Day and didn't wear green.  I never seem to remember this particular holiday.

I am working tomorrow but I'm off at noon and the rest of the week.  I wasn't going to take any time off for Spring Break but thought why one else is here.

I appreciate all the concern over my heartburn from yesterday but I actually know exactly what caused it.  They had nachos in the cafeteria yesterday and though I know better I ate some with jalepeno peppers and well, need I say more?  But all is well today.........

I saw on the news this morning that we are expecting snow on Saturday.....more SNOW....the first day of spring no less!  This has been one crazy winter!  I'm soooooo ready for it to warm up.  Remind me I said that in August!

Well, Happy Saint Patty's Day to all and I hope you only get pinched if you want to!


Betty said...

There's snow in our forecast, too. I'm ready for some warm weather.

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad it was only a Nacho attack. Now I will be thinking about jalepeno peppers all day. Love those rascles.
The cold and possible snow is for here also. I'll try to remember these days when we breach 100 this summer.