Friday, March 5, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does!

You just can't fix Stupid. .. .

Did we elect these people???

Civil War planes??
Let me know how that works out.?

I'm saying GREAT paint job.?

'We had no idea anyone was buried there.'?

I didn't know we could choose.?

This one says it all.?

Please, anyone, if you've seen this man....
What are the odds of that??
I would have guessed 20.?

OK, that's just mean.??

And just think, they live among us and BREED!!??AND VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!


kenju said...

I am no longer surprised at notices like these - APPALLED - but not surprised. Isn't it sad?

Betty said...

Don't know whether to laugh or cry. Civil war planes???

Rebecca said...

Those are hilarious (and a little pathetic, too)!

Arkansas Patti said...

Don't those newspapers have proof readers??
Hopefully these folks are incapable of reproducing.