Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gads........I'm no better than Rush Limbaugh

WOW....I hate being forced to hold a mirror to myself.  I've always thought of myself as this very tolerant, open minded person but I'm discovering that I'm not as tolerant as I thought.  The one person in my life who is one of the kindest human beings I've had the pleasure to know absolutely drives me insane with his conservative views.  However, he shows great tolerance of my very liberal attitude which only amplifies my deficiencies in this area.  I'm NOT the open minded person I thought I was.  Try as I might I can't keep my big mouth shut when I hear some of the conservative remarks that come from this man.  My aghast is obvious by the look on my face even if I manage not to respond verbally.  I don't want to be the opposite of what I say I believe.  How can I say I'm tolerant of the views of others when I clearly do not return the favor.  I've tried staying away from any subject that we differ in opinion (which pretty much leaves hmmmmmmm nothing).   But..when we are avoiding all topics related to race, sexual orientation, politics, and religion we get along rather well.  I need to have a zipper surgically implanted on my big mouth.  Of course I'd probably get it caught on my lip sliding that sucker open and closed every time I hear him speak!  I just don't know when to keep my mouth shut!    Are there any support groups for people like me?


Linda said...

If you find a support group let me know. I have promised myself I will stay away from politics and religion on my current blog. We'll see how long that lasts.

I am passionate when it comes to those subjects and people scatter when they see me coming. I wish I could be tolerant but I'm not.

I wish I could be as passionate about something else but so far I haven't found anything.

kenju said...

LOL.....some minor lapses in judgment by conservatives can be overlooked, but others deserve to see you looking aghast! I do it too.

Olga said...

My husband can come up with some fanatical ideas. My two stock responses:
1. You were not an a**hole when I married you. Please don't start now.
2. You always have the right to your opinion--however wrong headed it may be.
I'm a virtual paragon of tolerance.

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh gosh, I sure don't envy you. I actually had to cancel a friendship I had with a guy because he continued to hammer me with his narrow views. At least Ron is easy going about your views.
Perhaps you ought to ask Jim Carville and Mary Matalin. They seem to have found the key or else they just love the battle. Good luck