Friday, March 12, 2010

Bella Boo

My daughter has a Maltese mix dog named Bella or Bella Boo.  Over the years my daughter has come to the conclusion that Bella is a copy of a copy of a copy kind of dog.  (Like in the movie Multiplicity with Michael Keaton) where the final copy isn't quite as say sharp as the original.  Anyway, lets just say Bella is quirky.  She has every kind of phobia known to canine psychology.  She's been afraid of her dog dish, terrified of storms and basically she just has issues.  Her list of medical problems is almost as fascinating as her many psychosis.  Her tear ducts never opened so eye infections are common.  In addition, she get infections around what my daughter refers to as her "who who".  The vet's recommendation was a butt lift.  (Now, if anyone is getting a butt lift it's gonna be grandma!)

           Bella La Grosey or "Old Fang"

Bella also has a huge problem with doggie halitosis and her crazy little crooked teeth and under bite led to the loss of her upper middle teeth.  Now she kind of has the look of a vampire with fangs.  Because of her constant wet eyes and extremely bad breath I have loving nicknamed her Bella La Grosey, a name unappreciated by my daughter.  But as interesting as all of her umm attributes are what really intrigues me is her fascination with one particular squirred that lived in my daughter's back yard.

Now, the squirrel was probably the same size as Bella and it would run the width of the back yard on top of the wooden privacy fence.  Bella would go crazy every time she saw him and would bark like a mad woman while running along the bottom of the fence.  Up and down the fence they would go until poor Bell was panting and exhausted.  It became increasingly obvious that the squirrel was having the time of his life teasing Bella.  He seemed to know just how to stay out of her reach but still close enough to taunt her. 

One day the squirrel got a little more daring and devilish than usual.  Bella was relaxing out by the pool just under the shade of a large oak tree when suddenly, there was her nemesis, the squirrel.  He was hanging upside down from a limb just above Bella's head and casually eating a nut.  As soon as Bella spotted him she started barking madly.  The squirrel just hung there almost nose to nose bouncing the limb just enough to torment the daylights out of Bella.  This went on for what seemed an etermity when all of a sudden the squirrel lost his hold and dropped down right in front of Bella.  They both froze in place.  Bella's dream had come true but now she had no idea what to do about it.  Simultaneously they each turned and ran in the opposite direction.  Poor Miss La Grosey! 


Linda said...

A fun story. Don't tell your daughter but Bella has an unusual little face. She is very cute but sometimes I wonder about all the breeding we do with animals. Sometimes I don't think they improve the breed.

kenju said...

Aw, poor Bella. My son's former dog had such a problem with bad breath that we hated to be around her, although she was the sweetest dog known to man.

Too bad Bella didn't know what to do to/with the squirrel!

Arkansas Patti said...

That is just hilarious. It just goes to prove that fantesy is much better than reality. She is precious and I can see she is loved inspite of her slight grossness.