Friday, September 11, 2009

Surgery Update

Ron made it through his surgery. The tumor was 12cm, quite large, the doctor said what he removed was as big as a football. The cancer had grown into the pelvic area and his left hip. It had also grown into an artery which was the surgeons main concern. He said he cannot say whether any cancer cells entered the artery or not. He basically said, "We will know in 2 years." Ron's pain has been well managed with a nerve blocker that is still in place. I don't know if it will be removed today or not so things may get more uncomfortable. I stayed all day yesterday and then a long time friend of Ron's came at 8:00 last night so I could come home and sleep. Bless you Frank! I'm getting ready now to go back to the hospital. There are so many things in life of which we have no control and this is certainly one. God promised us that he will always give us what we need if we have faith. I'm sure trying to remember that and to surrender all of this to Him.


Anonymous said...

'We will know in two years' brought a sigh of relief. He made it through, you made it through ... say amen somebody.

kenju said...

I am praying for you both.

Arkansas Patti said...

I agree with Anon that "two years" means everything else went well. That was a huge tumor.
You are both still in my prayers.