Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Surgery date is set!

Ron's surgery will be Sept. 10th. I was hoping it would be this week but guess the holiday caused some scheduling problems. Ron started running a temp. yesterday of 101.3 and having chills. He's going to talk to the doctor today and he'll tell him about the temp. I wonder if they will put him on an antibiotic. I'm concerned about an infection just before surgery. This waiting is just miserable. I can't imagine how hard it is for him.

I am supposed to get the new carpet installed Friday. All my bedroom furniture is in the dining room right now. I just want to get everything back in order. What I really wish is that I could just rewind the clock. I want to go back to "before cancer". I'm afraid that it will now define our lives and especially Ron's. I know you can only take each day one at a time but it is so hard not to look forward and start playing the what if game. I'm scared. I'm sure he is scared but we haven't been able to talk to each other about our fears because we are protecting each other. I don't want him to see my fear and I suppose he is feeling the same thing. Maybe we are still in shock and it will all start becoming real once he is in the hospital.


kenju said...

I am grateful that I have never been in those shoes. It must be hell, not knowing. I think for me, it would be better to talk about the fears and get it all out in the open.

Arkansas Patti said...

So sorry Ron is running a fever but I am sure they won't operate till he is totally well.
Frustrating set back and hope it is soon resolved.
I would encourage him to talk about his fears which is hard for men to do. I would worry if you two weren't afraid. My support group taught me that putting your fears on the table, takes away their power.