Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Jellybean has a new home. The rabbit that was rescued by my daughter and son-in-law has now been taken into foster care by the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary. You can read his story here The kids felt they had done everything they could for Jellybean but he had started chewing on his paralyzed legs and no matter what they did they couldn't prevent the behavior. They had been in constant contact with the rabbit sanctuary since they rescued Jellybean so they agreed to meet them 1/2 way between Dallas and here to take him. Jellybean's legs will be amputated and then a little wheelchair fashioned for him. They say he will be able to live a long, happy life and will be ready for adoption soon. All of this happened because of 11 year old's who stole someone's pet and then tried to kill it so they wouldn't get caught. How sad is that?

I spent the whole day at the clinic yesterday and indeed my blood sugar was high along with my blood pressure and other various chemical components that make up my existence. I am going to attend a diabetic clinic starting tomorrow. There will be 4 classes in all but it is intended to educate me on how to monitor my blood sugar and how to eat, etc. I am anxious to get to work on this so I will start feeling better. I had been borderline diabetic for a number of years but managed to keep it at bay. This past year I have not monitored my eating or maintained an exercise program so I wasn't surprised that I finally tipped the scale. My doctor had always said it was inevitable because of family history but I really tried to delay it as long as possible. So....I'll just get to work as maybe with a little luck I can get back into the safe zone!!!!

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kenju said...

I hope that you learn what to do and then do it. So many diabetics sort of sabotage their treatment with eating poorly. I'm not a good role model, however. My sugar has been a bit elevated in the past, but my doctor thinks it is because of some other meds I take.