Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've been thinking about the words I want to say in my mother's eulogy and a thousand memories flood my head. One of my favorite memories is of my mother singing to me when I was a little girl. The only song I ever wanted to hear was Silent Night. So no matter what time of year it was or if it was 100 degrees outside the lullaby she sang to me was Silent Night. She and I talked about my favorite song choice a few days ago and I sang Silent Night to her while she sang along. It was a special moment. On Thursday evening before she died my niece Gena was talking to her grandmother and said, "Grandma, you are going to be my angel and I want you do something to let me know you are there." My mother smiled and replied, "I'll sing" amd Gena answered "I'll hear you." I was so moved listening to them.

Yesterday I took my brother shopping to find him clothes to wear for Easter and to my mother's memorial service. This morning Ron and I picked him up to go to the sunrise service at church. He looked so nice in his new jacket and yellow shirt. I told him how proud mother was of him. (Mike is usually dressed in baggy jeans with a shirt that doesn't quite cover his stomach) Mother was always telling him to pull down his shirt! We were the first ones to arrive at the church and as our minister was setting up for the service in the atrium she put a ceramic angel on the alter. She said she brought it to be our angel for the service and as she held it she noticed a winding key on the bottom and a tag that said China. She wound the key and the little angel started playing "Silent Night". The reverend said "Oh, Silent Night on Easter Sunday," I literally stopped breathing for a moment and then the tears just started falling. My mother was singing to me again and I heard her song loud and clear. I don't believe in just don't hear Silent Night at church on Easter Sunday. This was the church I grew up in hearing my mother's sweet voice in the choir. I heard it again this morning, loud and clear just when I had thought I had experienced the most spiritual experience of my life she shared with me just one more. She let me know with no uncertainty that death is only the beginning not the end!


kenju said...

I got cold chills and flowing tears while reading this. That's a wonderful example of synchronicity.

Your mother was beautiful!

Vickie said...

Jamie shared your blog entries about the passing of your beautiful mother on school e-mail today. Your words touched me deeply and I rejoice that you were able to spend her last moments together. Thank you for sharing this very personal journey. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Vickie Wood, Cleveland Elementary