Monday, April 20, 2009

Back To Work

I'm back to work but my head is a little fuzzy. It is hard to concentrate and I have so much to do to catch up. Like everything else in life we just take each moment at is comes.

My mother's memorial service was held last Friday and it was beautiful. I gave the eulogy and it was an honor to do so. I was very nervous and only broke down once but somehow managed to regain my composure. Our minister captured in her words my mother's beautiful spirit and gave comfort to my entire family.

Life is precious so don't waste a moment of it.


Megan said...

Dani, did you have a private memorial service? Brad and I were going to come, but the funeral home said there wouldn't be a service. I am sorry if we missed it. Brad and I want to stop by one night this week if you are up for it. I will check with you after we get through Monday.


oklhdan said...

No it was a public service but the Transcript didn't run the notice. I took it to them on Wed. but it never ran. The memorial service was on Friday. We tried to call people but unfortunately my brain wasn't working so good and I didn't call you all.

oklhdan said... guys come by anytime I'd love to see you both! ORRRRRR maybe meet for a drink! I could sure use one and I don't even drink!