Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Making Progress

Well, the new counter tops are done. They look great. Still have the tile back splash to do but I think it will all look fantastic. I purchased a granite composite sink and it looks really good with my stainless steel appliances. When the tile work is done I will finish the walls. They have to be re-textured and that is going to really be a job. I can't wait to get everything painted and back in order. This will probably be the last major renovation I do in my life time. I'm almost 60 years old so I don't see too many remodels in my future. I just wanted to get everything done before I retire. House paid off and fixed up. That will make retirement a whole lot easier. I'm having fun seeing the transformation take place. It is looking really good.


Megan said...

You forgot to add "invite megan over for dinner" to the list. I want to see the sparkly new kitchen!

oklhdan said...

Hey....that's a standing invitation!