Friday, February 22, 2008

Never too old to change.

I made myself a promise today that if I have nothing nice to say I will say nothing at all. It's not that I'm a a hateful person by nature but I can get caught up in the gossip and criticism of others. I hope it is not too late to change that unflattering habit. Criticism doesn't do one constructive thing if it is behind someone's back. I'm not sure what it accomplishes other than somehow making the speaker feel superior as well as the person willing to listen. The work place is just a breeding ground for petty gripes and complaints that often lead to gossip and criticism of others. It doesn't take long before it is reminiscent of the playgrounds we played on as children. Little girls gathering in a circle to whisper excluding one or two other little girls who just happened to be singled out for some minor grievance. I use girls as my example because let's face it......we're the guiltiest gender! I have to admire little boys and their ability to settle differences. They confront, do a little posturing (hopefully without going to blows) and then when the dust settles they run off together to play. Within an instant there is no sign of the dispute and all is forgotten. So I guess in spite of being made of sugar and spice and everything nice we could learn a thing or two from those creatures made of puppy dog tails!

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Megan said...

Can I tell you how much I like being in a gender balanced work place? My last job was a whole hallway of females. The gossip was insane. Because of one coworker I knew almost everyone's family medical history. I don't have that problem anymore. Sure I hear stories about people notoriously difficult to work with, but that's it. No personal business. What a relief!