Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Bye Bye cataracts

I am now a graduated member of the cataract club.  I had my second surgery this morning.  Everything went fine and I'm just taking it easy the rest of the day.  Today's surgery was on my good eye.  I lost all central vision in my right eye when I was 8 years old.  With both eyes open it doesn't even bother me but with the eye patch on my "good" eye I'm having quite a bit of trouble navigating.  So if this post is riddled with typos please forgive!  

Tomorrow I can remove the eye shield and then things will be back to normal.


Florence said...

I’m glad everything went smoothly and you get to take your patch off tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dani - Congratulations on the weight loss. I too was concerned about not seeing you post recently. You are a REAL trooper to deal with your lung situation, your cataracts, your daughter's as teachers and the strike, Mike's situations, Ron's health difficulties, etc. I think of you often and draw strength from all that you deal with since we are the same age. Keep us posted and keep your sanity especially with the Trumpster in the White House.