Friday, January 12, 2018


I had the bronchoscopy Wednesday and it went smoothly.  I was awake but there was about 3 minutes that I can't really remember.  Weird kind of conscious sedation but it works.  It was the few minutes it took to pass the camera through my nose and down my throat that I have no memory of.  I was aware of everything else.  

The doctor showed me what he cleaned out of my lungs but it didn't look shocking or anything like what I cough up.  It was just white in color.  He told us he didn't see anything "scary" like cancer.  He didn't do a biopsy because he didn't see anything to biopsy.  Everything was sent to the pathologist.  Afterward I was told to expect to be coughing a lot and I didn't cough even once.  I felt fine. 

Thursday I didn't cough or wheeze when I got up but by night time I was wheezing pretty bad and coughing.  Today I haven't coughed much or wheezed.  My doctor called me today and said he was ordering another antibiotic.  He said he didn't find anything that would require IV antibiotics.  He found what I thought he said was oily bacteria.... or at least some kind of bacteria.  He is still waiting for additional reports.  I take the antibiotic 7 days and go see him again on the 16th.

So my hopes that they would just identify something and then give me the cure are kind of deflated.  I'm not sure where we go from here.

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Olga Hebert said...

The not knowing is stressful, but perhaps antibiotics will knock out those "oily" bacteria. At least a bacterial origin was identified. Parayers for your complete recovery.