Saturday, December 16, 2017

I remember when it was only me!

I was alone for 37 years and did everything for myself.  I have installed thermostats, changed oil in my car, done minor car maintenance and pretty much took care of everything myself.  I've only been married 6 years and somehow became dependent overnight.

I knew I was spoiled by Ron but now I am very aware of that fact.  I got so used to being able to ask him to run to the store for me and he always took my car to fill it with gas.  That doesn't even touch the tip of the iceberg on things he has done for me.  Now that I am the only driver in the family I can really see how much he did for me. 

Yesterday we took Mike to his doctor's appointment.  This requires driving on highway 9 which I've never been comfortable on but now it is really nerve wracking because I can't see that well.  I wish now I had gotten the cataract surgery back in September.  I wouldn't be in such a mess now.  I really can't see well enough to drive after dark and it's getting harder and harder in the daylight. 

I'm taking Ron over to Mike's to watch basketball but since the games aren't over until after dark my son-in-law has kindly offered to pick Ron up and drive him home.  In the meantime I have to get groceries so I can start preparing Mike's meals for the week. 

Being together every minute is both a blessing and a curse.  Ron's sudden lack of independence (being able to drive) has made him a little cranky.  I understand it but that doesn't make me immune to his sting.  I'm supposed to watch for any reaction to his seizure med.  How can I tell if it is the medicine or just a normal reaction to sudden loss of independence.  He keeps hinting that he isn't going to wait the 6 months to drive.  I told him if he doesn't he will risk losing his driver's license all together and that if he had an accident and killed someone he wouldn't be able to live with himself.   I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing conversation.

To sum things up.  It's only been a week since Ron got released from the hospital and I'm still standing.  There is a lot to be grateful for including the fact I had all my Christmas shopping done before he had the seizures.  All the gifts were wrapped and under the tree and so far there have been no more seizures.  Mike didn't flip out and we are adjusting!


Olga Hebert said...

You have amazing strength.

Anonymous said...

Dani - I think of you often whenever I feel like I have full plate. My friend just let me know that she has been in the hospital with her friend needing his toes removed. This is going to be a trying Christmas for both of you since Dick can be cranky too....plynjyn