Friday, December 8, 2017

Day 4

Well we didn't get to go home today.  Although Ron's fever was back to normal they wanted to give him IV antibiotics today and maybe home tomorrow.  Tonight he had blood in his urine so I am guessing he has a UTI brought on by the straight cath they did in the ER Tuesday.  This may have been the cause of the temp.  Anyway, they did a urine culture so I'm sure they will get something for that as well.  He did say he felt a lot better today and he was disappointed he didn't get to come home.

They have him on two seizure medications, Kepra and something else.  Side effect is fatigue.  If it gets too bad we are to let the doctor know.  Another side effect is aggression.  Again if it gets bad notify physician.  Sometimes I think drugs cause more problems than they cure.

I left the patient sleeping this afternoon and went to get a haircut.  After wards I ran to the grocery store to get what I need to make Mike's meals tomorrow.  While I was in the store I was fretting that my hair was cut too short when a very nice lady about my age stopped me and said, "I love your haircut...where do you get it cut?"  I gave her my hairdresser's name and thanked her for the compliment telling her I had just been fretting about it being too short.  I told her my husband would prefer I had hair cascading  down my back but the only thing cascading I me is the loose skin on my neck.  We ended up chatting a little while and then exchanged phone numbers with a promise to meet for coffee after my life settles down.  So fun.........never know when or where you will make a new friend.

I have a feeling my life is about to get really busy.  With Ron unable to drive he won't be able to help me as much with Mike.  Mike has really done great the past 4 days but his anxiety is starting to build.  When he gets focused on himself and worried about how HE is going to be affected by all this it kind of gets under my skin.  I realize it is his illness but it sure is irritating.  He wants me to bring Ron to his condo on Saturday to watch football with him.  I told him he has to be patient with Ron and give him time to get back on his feet.  I'm also concerned about how all these meds may impact Ron's disposition and whether he will continue to have enough patience to deal with Mike.  It was hard before all this happened.

Anyway, it's just another chapter we have yet to write.


Olga Hebert said...

There is some expression I have heard about having two hands full and pants that are falling down. I know you will handle this, but it just doesn't seem fair. I honestly wish I could help. Thoughts and prayers.

oklhdan said...

Oh thank you Olga. I'm feeling pretty good about everything. I think things will settle into a routine pretty quickly. Ron will have the hardest time. You know how men are about their independence. He will not like having to ask for help. But until I get my cataract surgery we are going to have to ask for help. I'm comfortable driving here in town but I am not at all ok to drive on the highway or after dark. Sometimes we need to be humbled just a little.

Florence said...

I hope he gets to come home soon. OTOH, it isn’t worth coming home too soon and then having to go back in. It may take some time and trial and error to find just the right combination of drugs and the best dosage of seizure medication. (I was a pharmacist for 20+ years.) Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself too.