Monday, October 23, 2017

Random Thoughts

Ron should be home in a few hours from his trip.  He took my brother on a road trip to Tennessee.  I was supposed to go but at the last minute had to stay home to tend to our ailing little dog.  She is almost 15 years old and has suddenly started going downhill.  She was so distraught with Ron gone that she has been on a hunger strike for the last 4 days.  I hope she will start eating again when Ron gets home because if not she will certainly be looking at some serious issues.

Ron and Mike met Ron's daughter and husband in Greenville, Tenn.  They were there to watch their son play in a Lacrosse game.  I'm sure they all had a good time.  Ron said Mike did very well on the trip.  

My cough is slowly returning.  I'm calling the lung doctor tomorrow.  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.  He told me last time we were there to call if there were any changes.   I stayed clear for a month.

I'm still painting rocks.  It has become quite an addictive hobby.  I painted a bunch of Halloween rocks, ghosts, Frankensteins etc.  I have as much fun painting them as I do hiding them.  Two of my friends started painting them as well.

Our little girl (Piper) turns two on Thursday.  I got her a couple of little outfits and some books.  It is so much fun to be shopping for a little one.  The girls and I are going together to get her a little table and chairs set for Christmas.  We talked to her mom and she picked one out that she likes and we would rather buy one big gift rather than shower her with stuff she won't play with very long.

You would think we'd be numb to the stuff Trump does but every day I'm more and more disgusted.  His proposed budget and tax cuts make no sense.  How can anyone support the Republican agenda?  How can they think this will be in their best interest?  It just blows my mind!

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