Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Decorating and planning for Christmas

I'm lucky to have a husband who enjoys decorating for holidays as much as I do.  We just finished putting all our Halloween decorations in the yard.  This year Ron added a strobe light that flashes ghosts flying all over the house.  It looks really cute.  We added a life size witch on the porch that cackles when you walk by.  I think I'll bring her in on Halloween so as not to scare the little ones.

I upgraded my phone recently and I'm still figuring out how to use it.  Ron took my old I phone and he face timed with his daughter this afternoon.  First time he has done that.  I think he's going to enjoy that feature.  It really is amazing all this technology.  It will never been natural for us of the older generation at least not as natural as it is for these kids.  They don't know anything else. 

I purchased the sweetest advent calendar for my daughter's half-brother and his family.  I hope it will become a tradition for them.

 What I like about it is that it isn't all about presents.  Each door holds a figure in the nativity scene.  The center board is a magnet so all the little pieces stick to the manger scene.  I just thought it was sweet and hopefully it is something they will use year after year.  I also purchased a children's book about the birth of Jesus to go with it.  Their daughter is two years old so it will be something they can do with her.

This is the one Ron and I have but the doors are empty.  Ron is the odd numbered days and I'm even.  We each put a small gift in each other's doors.  I've already got most of his ready.  I got a gift certificate to have his car washed and detailed. (He has the dirtiest car I've ever seen)  I also got a gift certificate to the movies.  I have an ornament and various samples of his favorite sweets, a new pocket knife etc.  Just a lot of small things rather than doing stockings we do this.  It kinda makes Christmas last all month long. 

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Olga Hebert said...

WOW. You take Christmas seriously. I thought I started early, but you put me to shame.