Sunday, March 19, 2017

The move is done

The whole month of February was a blur.  We sold Mike's house, purchased a condo for him and moved him.  He's been in the new place one week.  He is doing surprisingly well and adjusting quickly.  The place is just the right size for him and so much easier for us to maintain.

There have been a few issues.  Mike got lost 3 days in a row but by the 4th day he knew how to find his place.  The washing machine didn't work so we had to get it fixed at the tune of $239.00.  This was after we had purchased a home warranty for all the appliances and the heater and furnace.  Ron didn't call them first so we are out the $239.00.

Other than those things all is going well.  Mike even met the lady living next door to him and (got her phone #).  We teased him that he's really taking the bachelor pad idea to heart.  

We've been with him every day but one this week. But we are going to start trying to leave him for longer periods this next week.

He wants to have a House Warming Party so I'm going to send out invitations to family members and a few of his friends.  He wants to have it on April 1st so he can wear his April Fools shirt.  

So other than suffering from complete exhaustion all is well!