Tuesday, November 22, 2016

For fear of sounding over dramatic I have been in numerous states of depression, disbelief, shock and sadness since the election.  I have tried to refrain of reading social media as well as listening to the news for each new revelation is more disturbing than the last.  I'm sick of hearing that democrats are poor losers and cry babies from the right.  This is coming from the party that bitched non-stop for 8 years about Obama claiming he wasn't an American citizen to calling his wife and children gorillas. The only complaints I've had about Trump are about the words and threats that have come from his own mouth.  Not fictitious crap fed to me by the GOP.


Olga Hebert said...


NAN said...

Amen- just got back from biting my tongue a lot at my little sister's house for Thanksgiving in SC. Even my nephews are 'right wingers.' I could hardly keep my mouth shut (I vowed to not get baited into any arguments) when my sis said DT will be bringing in so many jobs and don't I think that's a good thing? Yeah right...Hope you had a good holiday.

Deb said...

I guess it can best be summed up by a meme I saw on Facebook. Fidel Castro said he would not die until the USA was dead. The USA elected Donald Trump. Fidel cried, "The USA is dead!" and died!

What can anyone say? We are heartsick. Terribly terribly distressing for anyone who values the Republic.