Tuesday, November 22, 2016

For fear of sounding over dramatic I have been in numerous states of depression, disbelief, shock and sadness since the election.  I have tried to refrain of reading social media as well as listening to the news for each new revelation is more disturbing than the last.  I'm sick of hearing that democrats are poor losers and cry babies from the right.  This is coming from the party that bitched non-stop for 8 years about Obama claiming he wasn't an American citizen to calling his wife and children gorillas. The only complaints I've had about Trump are about the words and threats that have come from his own mouth.  Not fictitious crap fed to me by the GOP.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Winne the Pooh

Yesterday I subbed in pre-k and heard one of the funniest stories ever told by a teacher.  Mrs. Tims, who teaches kindergarten, told us how she went into her classroom bathroom and found pooh in the toilet along with a button magnet from one of their games.  She asked the last child that was in the bathroom to tell her what happened.  He reported he dropped the magnet in the toilet when he went to the bathroom.  

She then turned around to tell the onlookers that this was why they are not to bring toys into the bathroom.  

Just then she felt a tap on her back and turned to see the culprit holding the magnet in his hand, arm wet to his shoulder.  He held out his hand and said, "Here, I got it".  

Horrified, Mrs. Tims asks, "Was that Your pooh?"


And this dear parents is why all children should be vaccinated!