Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Petri Dish

I almost finished out the week as my daughter's substitute teacher but unfortunately I crashed Thursday afternoon.  I went to the doctor to discover I have strep throat.  I haven't had that since I was 7 years old.  I just thought I was dealing with allergies.  Guess there will be an epidemic next week in pre-k.

I have learned that I don't bounce back as quickly as I did at age 7.  I have felt pretty miserable and still have a terrible sore throat.  At least after today I am no longer contagious.

Thank goodness Ron has been able to take over Mike's care.  He's going to do his meds today by himself.  I don't know what I'd do without his help.  He's one in a million.

My daughter has set a date to get married.  She and Mike are getting married in June 2017.  She called me last night and told me the plan.  She wants a simple wedding in the chapel of our church and will ask the girls if they want to participate.  They will have an intimate reception at their home afterwards.  Then they will go to Scotland for their honeymoon.  Sounds like a plan to me!  I couldn't be happier for them.  They are so sweet together. 

This just goes to show that we never know what life has in store for us.  This time last year she thought her life was over and that she would be alone forever.  Now she has met someone who loves her dearly and she will be a stepmom to four wonderful girls who think she's pretty awesome as well.  Couldn't ask for a happier ending if I wrote it myself!


Florence said...

So happy for your daughter!

Take care of yourself while recuperating from strep. It can really take a while to get over at any age.

Olga Hebert said...

Sorry about the strep throat but the rest of your news seems all very positive. i have had strep throat more times than I can count, but not for the past six years (knocking on wood).

kenju said...

Very sorry about the strep. You probably caught it from the children.

Congrats and best wishes to your daughter!

Betty said...

When my kids were little, they just kept getting strep. Finally, the doctor said he wanted to swab MY throat and I discovered I was a carrier! I wasn't sick but I kept infecting my kids. Was I embarrassed and so was the doctor for not thinking of it sooner.

DDD said...

You meant the date is June 3, 2017?