Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A lot going on here...

Well, I can't believe I've gotten into something again.  For some time now I've been watching for a ground floor condo to become available in a complex across the street from Sooner Mall.  Yesterday I found one.  It's a one bedroom one bath recently updated.  Ron and I went to look at it and we took Mike.  He loved it.  He said he wanted to live there if he could have a 60 inch television.  So we are in the process of trying to purchase it. The condo not the tv.

If we could successfully transition Mike to the small condo it would relieve us of a LOT of work.  We are currently trying to maintain our home plus the 1800 square foot home Mike is in.  All the yard work for both homes etc.  Taxes and insurance would be cut in half and no yard to worry about.  Utilities would be next to nothing.  It's a good deal for everyone.  Mike would be able to manage much better in a smaller place.

Right now our realtor agrees with us that it is over priced but we will make an offer and just see what happens.  If we get it we will first convert the bathtub shower into a walk-in shower and then move Mike in.  Then we will take our time preparing the other house to sell.  This would be less stressful for Mike.  Once we get that house sold we can payoff the condo.

So positive thoughts!  We will see what happens.

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Olga Hebert said...

It is a big undertaking, but sounds so much for the best for everyone. I will be thinking only positive thoughts for you guys.