Saturday, July 30, 2016

Say ahhhhhhhhh

We are still in limbo about my brother's house.  Just waiting to see what happens next.  I did talk to my sister-in-law yesterday and that was a good conversation.  I just have to wait and see what my older brother wants to do.

I had a birthday and spent it with the GI doctor.  He's going to scope my stomach and esophagus next Tuesday.  Since starting on the new medication that coats my stomach I'm feeling much better but he thinks we need to take a look anyway because of the anemia.  

I did have dinner with my daughters on my birthday and spending time with them is the best present I could get.

So here's to another birthday and another year!


Olga Hebert said...

Happy Birthday belated wishes. Hope the next one is better than a trip to a GI doctor. (No offense to all the GI doctors out there, but geez, not a great way to celebrate!)

Kailani said...

happy belated birthday, and I hope the scope goes ok and the results are normal.