Monday, June 20, 2016

Well we are doing what I swore I'd never do again....we are having a yard sale.  YUK...of course the temperature is now in the high 90's and no relief in sight.  I wouldn't be doing this if it were not for my daughter.  She and her boyfriend have a lot of stuff to sell.  Basically an entire household of stuff.  Our house is located in a prime area for yard sales.  Her house is rather secluded.  So when they asked if we could have it here me being the big push over said yes.

The sale is this Saturday.  One day ONLY!  What doesn't sell goes to Goodwill.  If I don't die from heat stroke I'll be back!

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Betty said...

Good luck! I have had two yard sales, both in conjunction with my in-laws. It wasn't the in-laws who bothered me, it was the buyers who expected me to sell everything for pennies. They are part of the reason why I don't particularly like people. Never again.