Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Busy June

Ron just left for North Carolina.  I wish I could have gone with him but it just wasn't possible.  Mike is having enough anxiety just over the fact that Ron won't be here all week.  He sure couldn't handle both of us being gone.

I've decided to use the week to get back on track with my diet.  I gained 2 pounds and I want to get that off.  It's not that much but I worked too hard to lose 55 pounds and I don't want to start going in the wrong direction.

Last night we had dinner with my daughter and her beau.  She subscribes to Home Chef and she and Mike cook the meals they receive together.  Last night she fixed vegetable paninis, a recipe she received from Home Chef, and they were delicious.   

I'm considering subscribing to Home Chef after seeing a review on the Today show about them.  They took one of their recipes and then shopped for the ingredients to cook the dish.  They spent more than than the cost of purchasing the meal from Home Chef.  I like the idea that everything comes fresh to your door to prepare the meal and with step-by-step instructions.  You can collect the recipes and remake the dish if you like.  So far Jamie and Mike have loved every meal they have received.

This month I have a lot of doctor appointments.  I see the orthopedist, the dentist, get lab work drawn, see my  primary care doctor and my diabetes doctor.  A lot going on for sure!  I didn't plant to schedule everything in the same month but it sure worked out that way.

Well time to do a little housework and then I'm off to swim at my daughter's house.  Hope its a glorious day wherever you are!

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Olga Hebert said...

You are always busy. The meal plan sounds like it would be a big help for you.