Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bang, Bang, he shot me down...bang bang...I hit the ground...bang bang

The Orlando shooting left me so angry I have had to stay quiet both at home and on the internet.  All I could think about was the fact that when little children were slaughtered at Sandyhook the country voiced its outcry for awhile and then silence. If that incident wasn't enough to translate into real change what makes this one any different?

I have removed myself from social media.  I can't listen to one more rant about guns or the paranoia associated with the mere mention of gun reform.  We live in a society that has become so desensitized to death and violence that it has become the new normal.  We don't need terrorists to kill us all we are doing a fine job of that ourselves.

Sometimes I just want to scream........look for the common denominator.  Can we agree on anything?  If you can't rationally discuss guns then how about mental health.  Can we all agree that guns and mental health are two common denominators in this violence?  Let's focus on one thing we  CAN agree on and demand change.  We can't stop ALL the violence but we can try. 

When I think about four year olds practicing shooter drills at school it makes me literally sick.  Our response to the deaths of innocent children was to teach them to hide in the bathroom, lock the doors and turn off the lights and listen, listen for the footsteps of someone wielding a gun with the intention of killing each and every one of these precious angels.  When I think of my daughter trying to execute these drills with her room full of babies without traumatizing them any more than necessary it makes me cry inside.  

What in the hell is wrong with everyone? 


Betty said...

We need to stop blaming "others" for the shootings and admit that the worst episodes have been perpetrated by Americans, some of them hiding behind religion. We need to stop being in denial about guns, especially automatic weapons of war, and ban everything except hunting rifles and, maybe, handguns that should be kept at home at all time. No real need to carry guns around with us. It's ridiculous to think that everyone having guns will be a deterrent. Oops! You got me started. lol

oklhdan said...

I agree with you Betty.

Florence said...

We have ended up this way because we keep electing people who are in bed with the gun lobbyists. We (and I include myself here) say we want stricter gun control but do we want it enough to do the work needed to change the laws by electing people who will actually change them? I know I haven't done anything more than pulling a lever on Election Day. I've never participated in my county or state political conventions, I've never canvassed a neighborhood or manned a phone bank, and I've never donated to a person running for office. We have to change the state and national legislatures if we want reasonable gun laws.

Connie said...

It is sickening, if that is even a strong enough word, to think of little children being taught lock down drills in case a shooter enters their school, it is beyond all reason or rational thought. How did we get to this place as a society? I cannot even begin to fathom it. Children have a right to feel safe and secure in the care and decision making of the adult world around them. We have a problem in our society today that goes deeper than clamping down on gun laws I'm afraid, because it is a malaise with the people who carry those guns, although I would surely like to see much more stringent gun laws put in place. That at least would be a common sense start.