Sunday, March 27, 2016

Guest room redo

Finally finished the guest room redo.  Still waiting for the gingham bed skirt and the trundle mattress but everything else is done.

Ron hung the mirror today.

I made the curtains out of tablecloths.  It was a lot less expensive than purchasing curtains.

The little red chair was the girl's dad's little chair and then it was theirs when they were little.  There was another one but some big kid sat in it and broke it.  Glad I still have this one.

As you may or may not be able to tell.  Red is my favorite color.  It has been my favorite since I ate my first red M & M.  It was my favorite color in the crayon box.  If I'm not careful everything in my house would be red.  It is just a happy color to me and fits with my Leo birth sign.

Now we have turned our attention to the backyard.  Ron assembled a purgola for the patio.  It will be nice to have some shade.  We are also working on digging a new flower bed in the back.

We started going to a gym and tomorrow begins our first full week of workouts.  We only went 2 days last week and I was sore as a boil.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Today was a sad day.  My daughter put her beloved Sophie down this morning at 10 am.  It was very peaceful.  Jamie held Sophie in her arms while the vet administered the medication.  Jamie felt Sophie relax and then it was over.  Ron and I cried like babies along with Jamie.  As hard as it was it was the right and humane thing to do.  It was the last thing that Jamie could do for her precious girl.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

We have a jar in our house that says "Blessings 2016".   The idea is that when ever something happens that makes either of us feel blessed we write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the jar.  On December 31st we will open the jar and read the notes inside.  We don't share the notes with each other or even mention when we put one in the jar.  I'm always amazed though when I open it as to the number of notes Ron has already written.  In fact he put the first one in it.

I planted an indoor herb garden and it is flourishing!  I got tired of purchasing fresh herbs so I just decided to grow my own.  I have Oregano, Rosemary, Parsley, Sweet Basil and Thyme.  Those  are the herbs I use the most.

We have deliveries coming all this week.  A new bed, dresser and lingerie chest for the guest room.  Can't wait!  I'll take pictures when I get the room all set up.  Right now it is just a blank canvas.....

Ron and I went to see a movie this week, Risen.  It was one Ron wanted to see but I must say I really enjoyed it.  The story is told from the point of view of a non-believer, a Roman soldier assigned the task of finding Christ's body after the tomb was found empty.  I found the whole movie mesmerizing.  

My daughter has made the decision to put her beloved dog down next week.  Her condition has worsened to the point she is no longer able to eat.  All the lymph nodes have enlarged and she can't swallow anymore.  It is just more merciful to put her down than let her suffer.  The vet is coming to her house next Tuesday morning.  Jamie wants Ron and I to be there.  I guess we will be there to offer support.  Sophie will be cremated so Jamie can take her with her if she has to sell the house.  This is the hardest part about having pets.  They just don't live as long as we do and it is so hard when we lose something we love so much.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Evangelicals and The Donald

Well today was voting day in Oklahoma.  Ron and I did our duty and went to our precinct early this morning.  There were hardly any people there and I hope it wasn't a sign of a low turnout.  I'll never understand people not exercising their right to vote when so many before us fought hard to have that right.

It's interesting to watch the Republicans scrambling for ways to stop the Trump landslide.  I wonder if they just didn't take his campaign seriously in the beginning.  It is almost too painful to watch.  Republican Governors now meeting trying to find a way to stop him.  

I've been reading a lot lately about how the climate in America was ripe for just such a demagogue.  Fear is contagious and there is a lot of fear mongering going on this country.  People are willing to overlook Trump's obvious flaws because he panders to their fear.  He tells them how he and he alone can keep them safe from the boogie man.  That boogie man is everyone from Mexicans to Syrians and anything and everything in between.  Even the evangelicals are happy to overlook his Las Vegas casinos and his philandering misbehavior toward his first wife.  You remember the one he openly flaunted his affair in front of.  Yeah, that one. He has even spoken flippantly of the cornerstone Christian sacrament of communion, saying he “feels cleansed” when “I drink my little wine … and have my little cracker." They don't even mind the fact that according to The Donald, he "has never asked God for forgiveness".   

It appears that in the case of this infamously coufed candidate the faithful seem to value style over substance or spirituality.