Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Honey Do's

We are continuing to work on the house.  Both spare rooms are empty now awaiting the painters.  We hired a company here in Norman to come in and repair all the sheet rock damage as a result of shifting house and earthquakes. Some sheet rock will have to be replaced and re-textured. Only two rooms really had any significant damage but the rest were what people call nuisance cracks.  Either way I don't have to fix any of it myself!  They will also paint ceilings and walls in 3 rooms.  

I've spent the last two days repainting baseboards and touching up throughout the house.  This sure gave me the opportunity to do spring cleaning in February!  I'll have about 4 rooms that will be spotless........! Ahhhh it just makes my OCD so happy.  I don't think I've ever seen the windows this clean.  They just sparkle!  Ron did such a great job of getting the furniture out to the barn that we aren't having to step over stuff while waiting for the work to be completed.  This is a good thing since the painters had to reschedule our job from Thurs/Friday to Monday/Tuesday next week.  This just gives me more time to complete my part of the job.

Friday night we are staying at my daughter's house to dog sit over the weekend.  She is going with a group of teachers to Memphis to visit the civil rights museum there.  Nice break for her.  Since her dog Sophie is dying of cancer she didn't want to stress her any more than necessary by boarding her so we are going over to stay with all the dogs.

We've been having unusually spring like weather and it just makes me anxious for the real thing.  I'm ready to work in the flower beds.  I'm so lucky to have such a patient husband.  He just goes along with all my projects and never complains at all.  Actually we work quite well together.  But I'm sure he gets weary of me always finding something else to do.  It never ends!  


Florence said...

Truer words were never spoken, "It never ends!" We just finished having the inside of the house painted and now I am looking at the old carpet and thinking, "You're next,"

Olga Hebert said...

i have been having twinges of wanting to do projects around here. I think that landscaping will be first on the list. I kind of have a long range plan for that. But I find myself also checking out paint colors. So far I have managed to avoid going to the paint store and actually buying though.