Sunday, February 7, 2016

Bernie & Liz..........

I just read something suggesting the idea that Bernie Sanders could ask Elizabeth Warren to be his VP running mate if he were to be the Democratic nominee for President.  Now that would be a force to reckon with I think.  This is the first talk I've heard of this and who knows if Elizabeth would even be interested but I think it is a great notion to ponder.

It's interesting but all of a sudden I haven't seen much conversation about "The Donald" lately.  You think the media has decided to look elsewhere for absurdity.  I mean there is a lot to go around.  I was frankly getting very tired of Trump's rhetoric.  It's nice to get a little breather.

By the time this election is over I will be so tired of campaigning and I know we ain't seen nothin yet!  It will get worse before it's over.


Betty said...

I think she'd b crazy to agree to be his running mate. She can be so influential in the Senate that she'd be giving up a lot with no guarantees that she could be the presidential candidate in four or eight years. I just don't think Bernie can win, but we'll see. I do like him, though.

Olga Hebert said...

I think that would be awesome. Don't underestimate Bernie.