Saturday, January 16, 2016

I still get a kick out of making Mike's "spaghetti" sauce.  I can't believe carrots and beets can be substituted for tomato sauce.  Of course it also has red wine vinegar, Italian seasoning, garlic, onions and bay leaves in it but it actually tastes like spaghetti sauce.  I make a big pot of it and then dish it into single servings I can freeze.  I made 12 servings of it over the weekend.  Some of it I added ground hamburger and some Italian sausage.  I also made 12 servings of ham & beans and 6 servings of hamburger soup.  I put all of it in Mike's freezer because I ran out of room in mine.  I buy deli freezer containers from Amazon and they work great.  Mike has a tendency to throw away anything I put food in after he eats it so I just get these and then I don't care if he throws them away.

I hung a magnetic dry erase board on Mike's refrigerator that has the 7 days of the week on it with spaces for breakfast - lunch - dinner.  I use it to do a weekly menu planner. He's able to take meals from his freezer and thaw them and then heat in his microwave.  So far it is working out well and he is getting a more varied diet.  He had been eating the same thing over and over.  If he can see what to fix and what vegetables to include it helps him have a better diet.  

I look for as many simple things that he can make such as mashed potatoes in a cup.  He loves this and can fix it himself.  I also purchase toaster waffles, pancakes on a stick, pre-cooked bacon (all things he put in the microwave)

Usually when I cook for Ron and I, I cook extra so that I can freeze it for Mike.  His freezer is packed with hamburger patties, pork chops, ham steaks and a variety of soups and stews.  I have to make things that he isn't allergic to and that he can then reheat in the microwave.  I've been able to do so much more now that I'm retired.  We even canceled the med nurse that took care of filling his medication planners.  We are doing it ourselves.  That's saving us a lot of money but it sure was great when we needed her help.  She said she would fill in for us anytime we need a break.

Overall Mike is doing pretty well.  He has good days and not so good days.  I was worried about him transitioning to a new psychiatrist but it handled it very well.  We met with his new doctor about a week ago and it went well.  He's younger and had previous experience at a VA hospital.  I think it's going to go just fine.

Keeping him as independent as possible is our goal and so far we are succeeding.  I sure have to stay creative though and constantly look for ways to compensate for his cognitive disability.  But I love him and want him to be happy!  That's my purpose! 

Oh the best news of all is Ron's latest CT scan was great.  No sign of cancer.  He will take another one in 3 months and if no change we will go to every six months!  Oh how blessed are we?  


Olga Hebert said...

Great news about Ron!!

Linda said...

Haven't blogged in a long time so had some catching up to do with you. Wonderful news about Ron, really amazing. You've retired & seem to be managing Mike well. Life seems good for you right now. I think Texas governor is running neck & neck with your governor to see how bad they can be. I didn't think Texas could get worse than Perry for governor but they did, Abbot is worse., 'Two Fixer-Uppers'

kenju said...

Very good news about Ron!!

As for the spaghetti, I had a friend who put nearly anything in spaghetti sauce; carrots, green beans, and leftover veggie. She said her kids never new the difference and it was a good way to get some vitamins in them.

Judy said...

Would you share your recipe? Sounds like just what I have been looking for!
Great news about Ron!