Friday, July 17, 2015


My daughters took a road trip to visit their 1/2 brother in College Station, Texas.  They stopped off in Waco to visit the store belonging to the couple on "Fixer Upper".  That is a show on TLC if you haven't heard of it.  The girls were a little disappointed.  They said the store is very small and very expensive.  In addition they said everyone must have had the same idea because it was very crowded.  Needless to say they didn't make any purchases.

From the minute the girls got their drivers licenses I have worried silly every time they go somewhere together.  When they were in college they came home on weekends and I was nervous until they made  it back to school on Sunday night.  

I know it is normal for parents to worry about their kids no matter what age but it has always scared me knowing that my girls are always together.  If one is in an accident they will both be in it........It's the twin thing.   So, I was very grateful they stayed in touch with me yesterday letting me know where they were and when they reached their destination.  Now I can relax over the weekend and will be relieved when they get home Sunday safe and sound. 

I tried to get online from home last night to write but found our computer is just one big ole VIRUS.... or something to that effect.  I couldn't do a darn thing.  I can't wait to get a new one.  

I have a Medicare question if anyone can answer it for me.  Does Medicare pay anything on prescription drugs or is that covered only by supplemental coverage?  It appears to me that prescription drug coverage is one of the most expensive parts about supplemental insurance.  I only have 1 prescription that I have to get filled because the Indian Clinic doesn't carry it.  So far we haven't found a supplemental coverage that will cover it either.  It is Restasis.  I use it to treat my dry eye condition.  I don't want to pay some exorbitant premium for 1 prescription.  The other 13 prescriptions are available through the Indian Clinic for free.  I'm very lucky to have access to the clinic.  They have now added mammography so I won't even have to go anywhere else for that either.  

It is a brand new state of the art facility.  Everything is in one campus.  They have Physical Therapy, Behavior Health, Dental, Vision, Radiology, Lab, Primary Care and a Pharmacy as well as a same day clinic.  They have an after hours clinic on Saturday and Sunday.   I only wish the same kind of care was available for everyone.  The government could learn a lesson or two from Native Americans about health care.

Oh, President O'Bama was here and spoke to the Choctaw Nation on Wednesday and then toured a federal prison in El Reno yesterday.  I wanted to go to Durant to see him but couldn't get off work.  Last time he was in Oklahoma he was snubbed by our Governor but this time she did meet Airforce 1 when it arrived in our state.  She's a piece of work in my opinion but we're stuck with her for another 3 years. 

Maybe I will see universal healthcare within my lifetime.  Only time will tell.



Olga Hebert said...

Medicare doesn't pay for prescription medications. It sounds as though you may be better off just paying out of pocket for one medication, but then there is the gamble that no others will be added to that "put of your pocket" category.

Aunt Betsy said...

RE: Your Native American health care benefits...Sounds like a pretty sweet deal! I'm glad you have it and wish the rest of us did. I am like you... worry about my grown kids any time they are on the road. Just glad we have cell phones and texting now (but not while driving).

Carol said...

Medicare does not pay for prescriptions. My parents, husband, and I have the AARP PART D supplement. This is United Healthcare. The cost is $49.20 per month. Restasis is listed on Tier 3 of this insurance. I plan to change plans in October to a cheaper plan. My husband and I are healthy and only use the Rx Omeprazole. I hope0 this helps.

Gwen said...

I love Chip and Joanna Gaines. :)

Sorry their store disappointed though.

NAN said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog today although I should be doing a little housework UGH! I have a very good supplement to my Medicare but it's not free- dental, eyes and prescription included. I believe Kaiser in California is similar to what you posted about the Indian reservation. My Dd and soninlaw have it and DD used the maternity- everything but dental and eye there. How long have you had diabetes? My health is excellent considering I am overweight but I won't ever give up that battle.

oklhdan said...

Nan, I was diagnosed with type II Diabetes about 6 years ago. I controlled it with diet for about 2 years then went on Metformin. I was hypoglycemic for about 15 years prior. Being Native American it is definitely a family disease. My dad, brother, grandmother, had it as well.