Monday, July 27, 2015

Birthday Weekend

Well, I celebrated my birthday all weekend.  I spent Saturday doing chores and shopping for tennis shoes for Mike.  Then Ron and I had sushi with my daughter.  Sunday we spent the whole day at my daughter's house having lunch and then swimming all afternoon.  Mike loves celebrating any occasion and yesterday was no exception.  

Today is actually my birthday and it didn't start out as good as I would want.  Mike called me at 5:30 am to ask me if he should put something in the refrigerator.  I'm afraid I lost my patience with him which wasn't very nice on my part.  I just got frustrated.  I'm asked the same things over and over and sometimes I think he doesn't even try to think for himself.  It just gives him another excuse to call me.  I called him back when I got to work an apologized for being cranky.  I told him I was just cranky because I'm older today.  He laughed at that and I told him we were just going to rewind the day and start over.

I'm on the countdown now.  Only 5 days until retirement.  It is bittersweet.........!


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Hope you had a fun birthday!