Friday, June 19, 2015

Self tanners

For a person who is 1/8 Choctaw I'm the whitest Indian I've ever seen.  Everyone is my family, with the exception of my dad, has dark skin, brown eyes and black hair.  Me, not so much.  I got the blue eyes and fair skin.  I've never tanned and couldn't if I tried.  Freckles are all I get from a day in the sun.

Well, this fair skin won me the pasty legs contest here at work.  A title I wasn't that thrilled to receive I might add.  But I accept my fate.  But this year I decided to try a self tanner... I was afraid of some of them because I am so white..I thought they might streak and be a real mess.  So I bought the Jergen's lotion that just gradually gives you color.  Well, when you are paper white there is no gradual to it.  Within an hour of application I could see a big difference.  After using it a week.....well I'm not white but I can't tell you what color I am.  It's kinda gold highlights.....but my skin doesn't match the color of my socks anymore and that's a good thing.  No one thinks I'm a nurse wearing white hose.  So I'm satisfied.

The bad part about self tanners when you are my age is that they darken your age spots first.  Something I'd rather have fade in the background.  But you can't have everything.

In this day and age I'd rather be safe than sorry.  Skin cancer is something I'd like to avoid.  


Olga Hebert said...

Avoiding skin cancer is a goal of mine as well. I m getting to the point where age spots will soon merge to cover my entire body and I will lokk tan.

Aunt Betsy said...

I don't tan either, just bleach out whiter. Since I have spent my life reading a book indoors wherever I could find a good air conditioner (or heater) I was stunned when I had a lump come up on my left temple that was skin cancer. I asked my dermatologist how in the heck did I ever end up with skin cancer and he said "you have driven for what, 45 years? Sun coming in the drivers side window."
You are very funny and I love your writing! RE: the rains, I assume your area did not flood?

Gwen said...

Hi, new follower here! :)

I'm 'opaque white' or 'translucent white' as I've had a couple doctors call me, so I 'get it.' I haven't tried any of the newer self tanners. I openly accept and joke about being Snow White, except I don't have dark hair anymore. LOL

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