Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Free Tuition? What do you think?

I read a recent post that said "democratic presidential hopeful and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders just introduced a bill to make public 4-year colleges tuition free in the U.S., modeled after the way many European nations handle the costs of college by using tax money to invest in their youth rather than treating them as profit centers."  

I was intrigued by the idea so I re-posted on Facebook and boy did I get some backlash.  I guess I didn't realize how many people resent paying taxes.  Of course I don't necessary love them but I'd much rather pay taxes that would be invested in our future and the best way to do that is by educating young people.  If we continue on our current course higher education will only be available to a few leading us to an elitist society.  Bye Bye middle class..............

The bill plans to cover these costs by initiating a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street. A .5% speculation fee will be charged on investment houses, hedge funds, and other stock trades. Additionally, a .1% fee will be charged on bonds, and a .005% fee will be charged on derivatives.

Several years ago when I was in school I wrote a paper on mandatory military service.  I no longer support that idea but I would support some type of mandatory civil service in exchange for tuition.  Many of the Indian tribes, including my own, provide college tuition and living expenses in exchange for one year of service to the tribe per each year of school provided.  Say you become a dentist and it took 7 years to get your degree.  You would work in a tribal clinic for 7 years, while getting paid of course, to repay your debt.  It's a win/win situation in my opinion.  Why couldn't the government have such a program?

It just seems to me that people just want to argue and point fingers but nobody wants to work together to solve problems.  I'm so tired of the hateful rhetoric that I've decided to unplug from facebook.  It's just a platform for extremists to vent their negativity.


Olga Hebert said...

My facebook runs the full gamut of political persuasions, but I stick to the cute kitten stuff.

Tabor said...

All of my FB friends are liberals or leaning liberal. The others defriended me a long time ago. I avoid political arguments, but do post what I feel.

Deb said...

The Armed Forces used to do this. In 1963 our doctor had just started his practice when he was called up by the Navy. He said the Navy paid for his medical education, and in exchange he promised to serve as a Navy physician for six years.

I use FB to keep in contact with my son who lives in Switzerland so I don't want to quit it completely, but I hate the way people are mean and bully others on FB. I have winnowed down my list to a very few friends and my children. I just unfriend people who are rude and aggressive.