Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ducks in a Row

Well, Ron and I were up and in line at the Social Security Office this morning an hour before they opened.  Yet we drew number 73.....Fortunately the wait was not long and we got all our questions answered.  It is amazing though......we signed up for Social Security online.  Ron's went smoothly and then when I signed up in April I thought it had gone smoothly.  A young man called me after I signed up with a couple of questions.  I answered them and thought we were squared away. But today when we met with someone face-to-face it seems that mine was not squared away as I thought.  In fact the young woman said she didn't know what the guy was talking about.  But, we got the right forms and everything is ok now.  All in all we talked to 5 different people and got 5 different answers.  Go figure.  Guess it's a government thing!

If I had known how difficult it is to retire I'd have started the process 10 years ago...ha
One thing I forgot to mention about Mike's birthday bash.  When he asked the waitress to sing happy birthday to him and she said they couldn't.  Well, we decided to sing it to him and everyone sitting within ear shot started singing too!  That touched my heart and made Mike thrilled out of his socks!

There are still good people in this world!

I think I made Ron nervous as a cat last night.  I started making a list of all the projects I want to complete after we retire.  I could see him starting to sweat in his recliner!  I was actually shocked at how many things I want to do....the list just kept growing and growing. 

My idea of fun is painting bedrooms, cleaning out closets, etc. etc.  Ron's is sleeping late and going to any kind of sports event known to man.  I think our retirements are going to look very different.

I did find a list of 50 free things to see in Oklahoma.  We plan to take Mike to as many places as we can.  These are the first 10.....some of them we have already seen.  We took Mike to Pop's last year for the 4th of July.

#1 - Historic Route 66   (done)

Oklahoma is home to the largest drivable stretch of Route 66 in the nation. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of this old highway, remember days past and discover quirky roadside stops along the way as you travel down the historic Mother Road.

#2 - Blue Whale & Totem Pole Park

The Blue Whale of Catoosa and Totem Pole Park of Foyil are wonderful outdoor attractions along the eastern stretch of Oklahoma’s Route 66. Pack a picnic lunch and take advantage of a great photo-op at these fun, out-of-the-ordinary Route 66 pit stops. 

#3 - Round Barn & POPS  (done)

Uncover what central Route 66 has to offer by visiting the Round Barn of Arcadia. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this unusual piece of Oklahoma architecture is certainly unique. After the sun goes down, travel down the road to POPS to view its iconic, giant soda bottle illuminated with dazzling LED lights.

#4 - Oklahoma City National Memorial  (done)

Travel to downtown Oklahoma City to see the site of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Wander through the grounds of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and reflect upon the outdoor Field of Empty Chairs, the massive bronze Gates of Time and the Survivor Tree, a testament to the city’s strength and perseverance. 

#5 - Martin Park Nature Center

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Oklahoma’s central woodlands and take a calming outdoor break at Martin Park Nature Center. This free Oklahoma City oasis features a variety of winding nature trails, a beautiful creek that runs throughout the park, a bird-observation wall and an on-site nature museum. 

#6 - Keystone Ancient Forest

Explore a serene haven dotted with 500-year-old post oaks and 300-year-old cedars within the Keystone Ancient Forest in Sand Springs. Open during select Saturdays, this 1,360 acre nature preserve offers well-maintained hiking trails and plenty of opportunities for wildlife watching on the banks of Keystone Lake.

#7 - Conoco Museum

With numerous computer touch screens, a 40-seat movie theater and a replica development laboratory, it’s a wonder the state-of-the-art Conoco Museum is free.  Take advantage of the free admission and learn about Oklahoma’s oil boom days at this high-tech museum located in Ponca City.

#8 - Route 66 Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum

Visit this motorcycle museum located directly off the Mother Road in Miami and enjoy browsing through 40 vintage motorcycles on display, plus a 2,000 sq. ft. gift shop.  During your trip to Vintage Iron, don't miss the ever-growing Evel Knievel collection.

#9 - Oklahoma State Capitol  (done)

Take a free tour of the Oklahoma State Capitol and marvel at the building’s impressive Greco-Roman architecture as a tour guide leads you throughout the structure. Make sure to point your gaze upward to see the magnificent detail work on the inside of the capitol dome. 

#10 - Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion  (done)

See where Oklahoma’s governor resides and get a taste of Oklahoma elegance on a tour of the Governor’s Mansion. Wander through beautiful gardens, view stately architecture and even catch a glimpse of an Oklahoma-shaped swimming pool.

#39 - Cavanal Hill  (done)      This hill was in our parent's backyard.  In fact our father played on Cavanal when he was a kid and wanted his ashes scattered from the top after his death.

Instead of hiking to the highest peak, try hiking to the top of the “world’s highest hill.” Cavanal Hill in Poteau stands 1,999 feet tall and features breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

So we have lots to see and do and I can't wait to get started!


Aunt Betsy said...

Oh, how sweet it was for the other customers to sing with you. I would have cried. I think it is a little scary when you get 5 different answers! I hope you will be getting every penny of SS that you deserve. LOL! Yes, I think you two have a different picture of what retirement will be like. Now the list of free things to do ... that is awesome! And I think Mike has a pretty terrific sister.

Olga Hebert said...

Classic oxymoron: I work for the government and I am here to help.

Sounds like typical retirement to me, but I think it is healthy to have separate interests sometimes.

My brother looks at his wife's lost of projects and says, "Your next husband is going to be pretty busy."

Aunt Betsy said...

We are anxious to hear how much rain you got and hope to hear you did not float away!