Thursday, June 25, 2015

Clearing the Cobwebs

Now that we have all of our personal business taken care of for the retirement process I am now trying to get everything completed at work.  I want to get all my filing done (which I hate) and everything worked on my desk so I can leave in good order for my predecessor.  I've already started taking personal items home so I don't have a big moving job on the last day.  I've never been a pack rat and I really didn't do much "nesting" in my office so there hasn't been a ton of stuff to take home.

When we first moved into our new hospital Ron bought me a painting I had coveted for a long time to hang above my desk.  It is fairly large so I'll take it home the last day.  And finally the beautiful Lilly I received from the staff when my mother died.  I have it sitting on a plant stand in the corner. That will be the final step.  All the other little personal pictures have already gone and my office is beginning to look quite sterile.  It's really weird to think the last 28 years of my working life were condensed into two boxes.

I really didn't want to have a retirement party because I get very uncomfortable with good-byes and being the center of attention.  For one thing I know I will cry and it will probably be an ugly cry to boot.  Unfortunately I'm not being allowed to just turn in my keys and slip out the door.  I saw the list of people (former employees, my family, former bosses, etc. who are being invited.)  Mike will love being invited but I'm very concerned about him getting emotional especially if he sees me cry so I'll just have to keep it together.  Fortunately Ron will be there to help Mike.

So, only 37 days left!


Aunt Betsy said...

Maybe you will have so much fun seeing everyone that you won't cry. Ask your work friends to meet you for lunch sometime soon, then it won't be a "goodbye", it will be a "see ya next week!"

Gwen said...

Nothing wrong with a heartfelt cry like that. Let it out. Release it. They will love you even more for it. :)

Olga Hebert said...

It is getting close! Enjoy the attention--happy tears. Wear waterproof mascara--or none at all.