Thursday, May 14, 2015

Today I take Mike to see his psychiatrist.  He's a really nice fella who is a child psychiatrist in his private practice.  Guess that's why Mike relates to him so well.

A few weeks ago I had a list of things I wanted to discuss with the doctor but now I can't remember any of them.  It is usually when I'm at my wits end that I think of things.  Then we smooth things out and I just forget about it.

I am going to ask if he can write a referral for a neurological exam.  I requested it from Indian Health but they denied it.  So I'm willing to go to a private neurologist.  I just can't get an appointment without a referral.  I want more information concerning Mike's diagnosis and prognosis.  Mainly want to know if I'm dealing with a form of dementia along with the Schizophrenia.  

We are having a lull in the rain today.  Still cloudy and gloomy but the rain comes back tomorrow and possible tornadoes on Saturday.  It will be a bumpy ride.

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