Thursday, May 28, 2015

Birds in the belfry

Well our neighbors on either side managed to mow their yards yesterday putting us to shame.  Our backyard is still a swamp and we don't like mowing mud.  Our front yard is still recovering from the great grub and mole cricket invasion.  The grass is coming back up but very splotchy.  The lawn man told us not to mow it until what little grass is left has seeded.  That may be awhile......

Meanwhile Ron and I went to Lowes last night and bought out their black mulch.  That had it on sale 5 bags for $10.00.  So we bought 20 bags of mulch!  We just need to top off the front flower bed but we are also going to use some in the back yard after it dries out.

Birds are building nests under the new carport.  Ron tries to move them before they lay eggs and so far so good.  The problem is they rebuild during the day.  If they weren't pooping all over the cars we would probably leave them alone but yo what a mess!!!  I've got to find something that will work as a deterrent.  Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Home Depot sells metal or plastic spikes in strips of 8" (?) lengths, that can be applied to the beams. Or a length of fishing line between two nails.
We have the same problem with birds building their nests on any flat surface.

oklhdan said...

Thanks Janet........I was just looking online and I saw those spikes.

Olga Hebert said...

My plan for the day was to wash my car and to mow the lawn. I should have not washed the car first because of course that caused it to rain. So I just had the watch the grass grow another couple of inches.

kenju said...

Fake snakes in the carport might help.