Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I feel like such a weenie.....fraidy cat........spineless......ok, I'm getting carried away with myself.  I'm just full of indecision. 

My daughter called to tell us that a duplex came up for sale right around the corner from her house.  She has wanted me to move closer to her for some time in anticipation of the future.  This would also allow us to have Mike live on one side where we could take care of him without him being in the same house.  All these reasons make perfect sense.

So, we went to look at the duplex.  We could only go in one side since the other side is rented at the moment.  It's not my dream house or anything but it has potential.  I'd have to gut the flooring and the main bathroom is a total gut job.  It has a blue sunken bathtub for goodness sake.  I'd replace interior doors and woodwork and paint the kitchen cabinets.  Replace counter tops, sinks, etc.  Pretty extensive changes but it would be really cute when finished.
Now, even though I know it all makes sense my concerns are....the $ (it is over priced) and what the repairs would cost, having to sell two homes, and just sentimentally......I've lived in my house 46 years and I've put so much of myself in it I hate to leave it.

I've got a lot of thinking to do.........but I don't have much time to think about it or it will be sold.   I'm considering making an offer (way below their asking price) and just seeing what the response would be.

I sure wish I could get a sign from the cosmos as to what I should do.

befuddled in Oklahoma.


Meryl Baer said...

Deciding whether or not to move is a tough decision and lots of work. Make a low-ball offer - you never know. Good luck and know that whatever you do, it is the best decision for you.

Anonymous said...

Since it just came on the market, they may not go for the lower than asking price. But who knows, they just might. If the home doesn't sell quickly, they may consider lower their asking price.
Sounds like a good idea to be closer to your daughter and Mike will be in a separate unit next to you. Lol, too close for comfort?


oklhdan said...

The duplex has been on the market over 30 days. I was surprised it hasn't sold but I really think it is over priced. The realtor agreed with me on that.

Olga Hebert said...

that is a huge decision. I keep thinking about a move and then I delay any decision. The signs are there though, f we look for them.

Anonymous said...

If it hasn't sold --it is overpriced