Thursday, April 16, 2015

This has been a long and busy week.  Lots of meetings and fundraisers going on this week.

I'm trying to get myself prepared for another election year.  I feel my blood pressure rising already and we haven't really gotten started yet.  My (few) Republican friends on face book are already doing their Hillary slamming so I can tell it will be a long year.

I make a list of Senate bills that have been important to me and then check the voting records of all candidates.  I only looked at the 3 Republican candidates out of curiosity since we have no idea who will get the nomination.  Of course they were nay voters on everything that matters to me.

example of some of the bills:   S 2569 Bring Jobs Home Act – Prohibits tax credits for outsourcing

S 25278  Protect Women’s Health from Corp. Interference Act of 2014   The purpose of this Act was to ensure that employers that provide health benefits to their employees cannot deny any specific health benefits, including contraception coverage, to any of their employees or the covered dependents of such employees entitled by Federal law to receive such coverage.

S 2199 Paycheck Fairness Act - an extension of the laws established by the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which makes it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to men and women who perform substantially equal work.
S 2223 Min. Wage Fairness Act - a bill that would amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) to increase the federal minimum wage for employees to $10.10 per hour over the course of a two-year period.
S 815 Employment Non-Discrimination Act 2013 - A bill to prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  

I like to have a comparison list of the two candidates.  What amazes me is how uninformed many of my friends are and how they simply vote for the party and not the candidate.  They absolutely refuse to think for themselves.  And forget about what candidates say that's just campaign talk.........look at their voting record if you want to know how they will represent you if elected.



Olga Hebert said...

You are a a good example for us all. How I wish everyone put some effort into being a good citizen and an informed voter.

Judy said...

Ditto what Olga said!
Sadly most Americans DO vote just along party lines and never even think to see exactly what the candidates actually stand for. I also blame the media who push for a ten or fifteen second sound bite and never explore exactly what the candidate really is saying.
Even more sadly, so many Americans don't even vote!