Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stick em Up Pardner

Guns, guns, guns, everywhere guns.  You sure aren't popular if you aren't supporting the rights of every Tom, Dick and Harry to carry a gun anywhere they go.  Especially in Oklahoma.  The town where I live is holding their annual music festival this weekend.  They had announced that no guns would be allowed and the city was immediately sued by a gun rights organization called The Oklahoma Second Amendment Association .  

Now, first thing to know is that there is alcohol at this event and lots and lots of people.  The event planners feel that alcohol and guns don't mix.  I'm in complete agreement with them.  But a judge has ruled the City cannot order the police department to enforce a "no guns" policy at the Music Festival thus striking down the "no guns" policy. 

Now I have no problem with guns and hunting and all the recreational activities associated with guns.  That's fine.  I have a problem with the vigilantes that think they are fighting crime by carrying a weapon.  Somehow I just don't feel safe with a bunch of paranoid gun toter's around.  If the good guys and the bad guys all have weapons how can I tell them apart?  

My girlfriend reminds me that she "took the class" and therefore it is ok for her to carry a concealed weapon.  Really?  A 3 hour course gave her all the skills she needs to be able to determine when to use a weapon?  I kinda think I'll leave that up to law enforcement.  

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Olga Hebert said...

The wild west is part of our history, I suppose, but why one would need a gun at a music festival is beyond me.

My husband collected guns and rifles and enjoyed target shooting, but I did notice that he was getting a little paranoid and drinking of the NRA Kool Aid towards the end. I am all about peace, love and vegetables myself.