Wednesday, April 29, 2015


A few weeks ago I downloaded an app to my phone called Breeze.  It is a step counting app that sets daily goals and then tracks the number of steps you take in a day.  It also sends motivational messages and reminders throughout the day.  The drawback is I have to always have my phone with me and I forget all the time.  

I downloaded the app to try and motivate me to walk more throughout the day.  Having a sedentary job doesn't help.  The other reason was my effort to build up my stamina after the hip replacement.  I have finally reached a place where I can push myself more.

Well, what I have learned is that I really respond well to this type of goal setting.  I'm motivated every time I see my gain and I really want to achieve my daily goals.  When I got home yesterday I still needed an additional 1700 steps to reach my daily goal.  Since Ron was at a meeting I decided to get out and take a walk by myself.  I met my goal plus some.  

I talked to my daughter last night and was bragging on how I've been pushing myself a little farther each day and how much I like this app.  She told me that she wants to get me a Fitbit for Mother's Day since I like the phone app so much.  You just wear the Fitbit like a watch and it does the same thing.  I'm kind of excited to try it.  It would be more convenient that carrying a phone around all day.



Kitty said...

Tell her to get the Fitbit Charge HR. It is watch like, displays data right there on the Fitbit and measures your heart rate throughout the day (and uses it to determine your calorie burn). It is really nice to use (I have one). I am in weight loss mode and I also record my food at MyFitnessPal and it talks to Fitbit and tells it my calories eaten so Fitbit tells me my daily calorie deficit which is great.

oklhdan said...

Thanks for the info Kitty......I'll let my daughter know which one to get.

Olga Hebert said...

That is a great idea for mother's day. Nice daughter!