Monday, March 9, 2015


When my daughters were in grade school they would volunteer me for everything.  I was homeroom mom every year and never missed a field trip but they volunteered me all the time without asking me.  So it shouldn't have been a surprise to get volunteered again by my 44 year old daughter.  Last week I got a call telling me she had volunteered me to tutor a young lady who is taking freshman English at the University.  The girl was having trouble understanding a writing assignment and my daughter said, "My mom can help you."

Well, I didn't mind at all and kept expecting to hear from the young lady any day but didn't hear from her until Friday.  She came to my house Friday evening and we discussed her assignment.  She had to write a rhetorical analysis of Jonathan Swift's essay A Modern Proposal.  The paper had to be a minimum of 5 pages.  After about an hour of working together I asked her when her assignment was due.  "Tomorrow" she replied!  Good grief................... She is taking the course online and she had to submit it before 12:00 Saturday night.  

I offered to review her final draft and told her to send it to me Saturday by email.  I didn't get it until 10:00 pm.....I edited the paper and sent it back.  I just heard from her today and she was elated to tell me she got an A. 

Well, I told her she was darn lucky and the next assignment she had better get with me as soon as she gets it.  I'm too old for this last minute stuff.

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Olga Hebert said...

I was never one of those people who needed the extreme pressure of a looming deadline. I hope she listens for your sake, if not her own.