Friday, March 13, 2015

Healthy Hooters

Well, tomorrow is mother/daughter mammogram day!  Every year my two daughters and I go for our annual mammograms together.  We make a day of it.  First the exams then lunch at where else?  Hooters!  This year one of their friends requested to join our group so we will be getting a table for four!  After lunch we will go shopping.  It's a fun day and keeps us vigilant about our yearly exams.

Last year I wrote a letter to the Hooters corporation suggesting a marketing campaign where by Hooters would provide discounts to women when they had a routine mammogram.  I told them that since they make money exploiting women's breasts why not pay homage to healthy breasts and keeping them!  I called my idea...."Healthy Hooters".  So I'm still working on my campaign.  I had T-shirts made for us that have the slogan "Healthy Hooters" on them and we wear them to the restaurant after our exams.  Inevitably we get asked about the shirts and that opens the door for me to hit them up again.  We've gotten free appetizers almost every time we've worn them.  I just try to get the manager to promote the idea.  Anything to get women to have this very important exam.


Olga Hebert said...

I like your ideas--both to make a day of it and to try to persuade the restaurant to promote breast health. It' the least they could do.

kenju said...

I applaud you for that effort. I have not and will never go to Hooters.