Monday, January 26, 2015

The Imitation Game

Ron and I had a movie date Saturday and we went to see "The Imitation Game" after it was described to us by my daughter and son-in-law as one of the best movies they had ever seen.  After seeing it I can't agree more.

This true story of the breaking of the enigma code hones in on three different periods of time in the life of code breaker Alan Turing, the story is utterly compelling. 

The film is rich in detail. There are breathtaking scenes of war torn Britain which includes shots of bombers wreaking devastation over London and submarines firing rockets, as well as more ordinary depictions of rubble strewn streets and houses. The historic Bletchley Park is the backdrop to where all these events actually unfolded over 70 years ago. The editing seamlessly takes us from year to year without confusion or jarring transitions and the scenes leading up to, and immediately following, the breaking of the code are just thrilling.  

Criticism has been leveled at the film for not focusing more on Turing’s sexuality which is as untrue as it is unfair.  We have more than enough information as to the effect his sexuality had on his life and, ultimately his death. Scenes of his childhood also give insight into the man he would become. 

Ultimately, the film belongs to its powerful cast. Benedict Cumberbatch is compelling and he brings real humanity to the tortured Turing. Some of his moments, particularly near the end, are almost unbearably moving. Keira Knightley is almost his equal in a smaller but crucial role. She has real power here as Turing’s one time fiancĂ©, the lone woman breaker who as it turns out is better than the men. 

Rarely is a film as all encompassing and engrossing as this one. It is a triumph on every level.  It left me feeling both angry for the injustice that eventually led to Turing's demise but it also left me wanting to read the book that inspired such a wonderful movie.


kenju said...

I want to see this because we like Benedict Cumberbatch so much.

Olga Hebert said...

This one is on my list. And not that many movies make it to my actually go to see it in a theater list.

Meryl Baer said...

Also saw the movie and found it mesmerizing. Everything about it was compelling and definitely a must-see.