Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dr. Visit

I have a busy day ahead.  I am taking Mike to see his psychiatrist this morning and trying to squeeze it into my work day.  Last night I was on the phone with Mike and he was asking me to remind him to take his noon pill.  Somehow we ended up on two different planets because I thought he wanted me to remind him to take the pill at lunch time.  What he wanted was for me to remind him to take the pill with him.  I can't tell you how many times I get it wrong...... I don't remember to ask him a million questions in order to figure out what he is actually talking about.  What's funny is he NEVER forgets his pills.  He is obsessed about his medication which is actually a good thing.  It is rare for schizophrenics to be so diligent about taking their medication so for this I am thankful.

Mike's Dr. is a really nice guy.  He seems to truly enjoy visiting with my brother.  Last time we were there he told Mike that he is one of his favorite patients because Mike is always so upbeat.  This absolutely thrilled Mike to death! Mike always gets a little anxious before his appointment because he is scared the doctor will change his meds.  No matter how many times I assure him that if it ain't broke he won't fix it.  But that doesn't ease his anxiety much.

Tonight Ron and I are taking Mike to dinner as a reward for how well he has been managing his money.  With his cognitive impairment it is really hard for him to count his money or figure out how much he has but he has managed really well this week so he deserves a night out!

It was never in my plan to be a caregiver for my brother.  Maybe I didn't really have a plan.  But life sometimes leads us on a path we may not have chosen but since I'm here I'll do the best job I can.

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Olga Hebert said...

Funny how life keeps happening in spite of all our plans!