Monday, September 15, 2014

My twin daughters will be 44 years old in December.  They are an age that has become incomprehensible to me.  Sometimes it seems that they are catching up with me since it only seems like yesterday that I was 44 myself.  I was 38 when they graduated from high school and 44 when they graduated college.  I recognize that my daughters are grown women and I enjoy our adult relationship to no end but yesterday I received a call from twin #2.  She called and asked if  we were going to be home awhile because she wanted to come over since she hadn’t seen me in the past two weeks.  Then she added….”I miss my mom and I want a mom hug”.   My eyes swelled with tears and it felt so good to still be needed for a hug.


kenju said...

That's a very nice thing. My daughters are 45 and 42 and while I get hugs often, neither of them has said they need a mom hug. I hope she was OK.

Olga Hebert said...

It is a shock to realize that your kid are older than you feel, but they are always our babies.