Saturday, July 5, 2014

During our outting yesterday we were rear ended but fortunately no one was hurt.  I'm already a nervous passenger and I hate traveling on the interstate.  I couldn't help but tell Ron that accident is exactly why I rest my case.

I have one more week of in home therapy then I start outpatient therapy. Sometimes it is hard to remember hip precautions because my hip doesn't hurt. I have to be careful because I sure don't want a dislocation.

My daughter Julie is having 2nd shoulder surgery next Friday. Her shoulder is frozen.  Then my other daughter is having the same surgery.  Ron gets CT results on Ties. We are watching two spots in his lung so that makes me nervous. We really need some prayers!

I'm ready for this family to get healthy for a change!


kenju said...

WOW, you are all up to your necks in docs, aren't you? I know how that feels, and I hope you will all be well soon.

Deb said...

You are keeping the doctors in Oklahoma busy aren't you? Sure glad to hear no one was hurt in that accident. Honestly the way people drive you'd think the clock is ticking and there's a gallows waiting at the other end if they are 30 seconds late!

Take care of yourself. No you do not want to dislocate that hip, my loosey-goosey right one pops just halfway out frequently and that's quite far enough to be an absolute misery!

Happy fourth, even if I did miss it by a few days! :D

Hugs from Canada!