Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Thanks to everyone who responded to my plea for information it really helped.  I think we have our situation under control now.  Ron talked to his employer and he will be able to take a leave of absence if necessary.  He is already scheduled to be off 12 days during my surgery and that may be all we need but if more is necessary he can take it.  Also, he works only a few short blocks from our house and is able to come home for lunch every day.  That will be a big help in itself.

Next week we are having comfort height toilets installed in our house.  We just bit the bullet and purchased them because lets face it we aren't getting any younger and I have to have a tall throne during recovery anyway.  I just hate the toilet riser plastic seats so we decided to just replace the whole thing.  After that I have to get the grab bars installed in the shower.  Ron isn't handy so we'll have someone install them for us.

Hopefully I will have something else to talk about once I get my new hip.  Right now that seems to be all I'm consumed with and frankly I'm tired of hearing myself talk about it.

Deb, I was reading some of your earlier posts on your blog.  Love the trailer you refurbished.  What a fun adventure it must have been traveling around and seeing new things.  While I'm home healing I'm going to read my way through your entire site.  fascinating!

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Deb said...

Hi Dani,

That little trailer was an adventure and I LOVED it. I miss it so much. Who knew a couple and a HUGE cat could live in 119 sq ft and enjoy it so much? And with room for a guest?

Think of getting a bath bench where you can sit down on the outside of the tub and slide across into the tub without the risk of falling. We have one and it's been a bone-saver for us. Neither of us want to break any more bones!